John Clementi Collard Fellowship (for mid-career musicians)

Inaugurated in 1931 and endowed by John Clementi Collard, Master 1899-1900 and 1901. This Fellowship, which is one of the Company’s most prestigious awards, is open to any musician of British nationality over the age of 27 and under the age of 50. It is designed to give financial assistance to a professional musician of outstanding ability who is prevented by financial stringency from fully exercising and exploiting his or her talent. The Fellowship carries with it an honorarium of £5,000 for one year and may be renewed for a further year at the Company’s discretion. Candidates must have shown excellence in one or more of the higher branches of musical activity, i.e. Composition, Performance (which includes conducting) and Research (which includes research into music therapy).

Current holder: Elif Nur Karlidag

Recent winners:
2011 Jonathan Little
2012 Naomi Pinnock
2013 Joanna Lee
2015 Mark Boden
2018 Nazrin Rashidova
2020 Patrick Brennan

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