Privacy Policy

We promise to meet internationally recognised standards of personal privacy protection. Please refer to the UK Data Protection Act 1998 for further details and guidance.

We receive, process and store personal information:

(a) to ensure better achievement of the Company’s aims of supporting musicians and those engaged in music related activities and to promote music and musicians through performance.

(b) to ensure better delivery of services and assistance to those who are supporters of music and music charity, and applicants for and recipients of assistance from charities which we either operate or support,

(c) to increase contacts between our membership and others in the world of Music, and

(d) to improve our contact support and involvement from time to time with the liverymen, fellows, freemen, yeomen and staff of our Company

Private personal information is not released to third parties without the express consent of the relevant individual.

These Privacy Policy Statements only relate to this site and do not extend to any linked external websites which should have their own policies.

You have the ability to securely access your information at any time to check its accuracy. If you experience any difficulties doing so, please email directly.