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Established in 1987 as a record label, Naxos was the brainchild of Klaus Heymann, a German-born entrepreneur and music lover based in Hong Kong. Initially he capitalised on the opportunity to provide repertoire-driven classical CDs at more affordable prices, which soon led to Naxos becoming a preferred label for many consumers. Since that time, the company has undergone a truly remarkable development. It has transformed into a global enterprise that owns, administers and/or distributes a large number of independent record labels. The Naxos name is synonymous not only with classical music recordings, but also with a host of other products and services, from DVDs to books, e-books, audiobooks, apps, and musical scores, as well as a wide range of online resources and services, for general and professional consumption.

Since its inception, Naxos has redefined how classical music is presented and marketed. Innovative strategies of recording exciting new repertoire with exceptional talent have enabled our house label to develop one of the largest and fastest-growing catalogues of unduplicated repertoire. Over 12,000 titles are currently available, recorded in state-of-the-art sound, both in physical  format and on digital platforms. Naxos works with artists of the highest calibre and its recordings have been recognised with numerous GRAMMY® awards, Penguin Guide 3-star recommendations, Gramophone Editor’s Choice Awards and many other international honours. Its audiobooks, apps and subscription services have also garnered countless awards.

Naxos has extended the reach of classical music by building a global network of companies which provide distribution and licensing services to several hundred independent and major CD and DVD labels.

Naxos continues as a leader and innovator, with particular emphasis on education. is used by thousands of educational institutions around the world. With over 140,000 albums from hundreds of labels, it has become a source of choice for a whole generation of students and music professionals. Together with the Naxos video and spoken word libraries, these online resources have had a great impact in developing future audiences for the classical arts.

Naxos remains committed to making full use of the new possibilities afforded by technology and media in its mission to broaden the accessibility of classical music. Its growing programme of e-books, podcasts and integrated media products are constantly building on its past efforts to introduce new listeners to the world of classical music. All Naxos’  digital services are accessible via smartphone applications, making them readily available from mobile phones, iPods, iPads and other music players and tablet devices.

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Victoria College Examinations

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