About Our Work

We offer our Young Artists the opportunity to share their skills and inspire others through specially tailored music projects in schools and the local community. The bedrock of our programme consists of sending our Young Artists into London schools, bringing live music to schools that may have little music on their curriculum. Working closely with local London music hubs to deliver projects, we make over 100 visits to 12 primary and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) schools and each year, delivered free of charge to schools. Almost 1000 pupils each year are a part of one of our music projects. We also work in Merton Dementia Hub and the Royal Hospital for Neurodisability, using music as a therapeutic tool for the service users.  A targeted approach enables us to reach the schools most in need of support: in 2023/24 we are focussing our work in Camden, Islington and Lewisham.  We are grateful for the support of our dedicated volunteers, drawn from the Company membership, who help us to deliver our work.

In 2023/24 we are partnering with:






We are funded by The Musicians’ Company Future of Music Fund, The Musicians’ Company, and generous private donors.


In the 12 London schools who we currently work with, on average over 45% of students are eligible for free school meals, over 40% of students are given a deprivation pupil premium, and over 50% of students do not have English as their first language: more than double the average figures for the UK.


Young Artists Elena Accogli (viola) and Helena Svigelj (cello) at Deptford Park Primary School


Music in Schools 2022-23 partnerships – see more HERE

Islington – Moreland Primary School, Thornhill Primary School

Camden – Brecknock Primary School, St Albans Primary School, Richard Cobden Primary School

Lewisham – Deptford Park Primary School, Elfrida Primary School, Launcelot Primary School





Young Artists Amy Thompson (bassoon) and Rustam Khanmurzin (piano) at the Merton Dementia Hub


Music as Therapy 2023 partnerships – see more HERE

Linden Lodge SEND School, Bedelsford SEND School, John Chilton SEND School, Swiss Cottage SEND School

Merton Dementia Hub (Alzheimer’s Society)

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Orpheus Centre Trust







The schools and institutions can be seen in the map below: