Corporate Membership

The Musicians’ Company, a 500-year-old Livery Company of the City of London, welcomes Corporate Members to help it fulfill its mission of supporting excellent young musicians at the start of their professional careers through our Company awards and Young Artists’ Programme. The Company has over 500 members, all of whom are connected with music in some way through performance, composing, instrument making, teaching, publishing, law, finance and administration, or simply as music lovers.

What is Corporate Membership?

As a Corporate Member (CM), your staff will be welcome at our musical events, such as the Musicians’ Company Concerts in Wigmore Hall, classical and jazz competitions, the annual Bach Cantata and St Paul’s Evensong besides many other one-off events.  A few of these have modest entrance charges.  CM representatives may attend the Company’s grand occasions such as the Installation Dinner and Midsummer Banquet, where they would have unique networking opportunities with members from the Company, other City Livery Companies, many distinguished professionals from the music world, as well as with other Corporate Members.  CMs will be credited on our website, in our magazine Preserve Harmony, the annual yearbook and concert programmes.

While a Corporate Membership does not confer livery rights on any of the business’s staff, it is hoped that the CM representatives may wish to become Freemen, and ultimately Liverymen, of the Company.

What does it cost and how does it help?

A Corporate Membership runs over three years and has a subscription fee of £2000 plus VAT p.a. (subject to change).  As a CM you would be linked directly to the Company’s Honorary Fellowship which supports a project by a prominent professional musician each year in a variety of different genres. In addition to this, the CM’s subscription fee would help sponsor the successful Company outreach work, in which many of our Young Artists participate.

For more information about Corporate Membership, please contact the Clerk,