Eddie Harvey Jazz Arranger Award

Named after the famed jazz educator and arranger, and kindly supported by the Harvey family, this award seeks to recognize and give a wider profile to the often-overlooked craft of arranging. The Award is administered by the Company in collaboration with the original trustees.

The Award is open to British residents of all ages. A prize of £1,000 is offered for an arrangement for any orthodox form i.e. big band, smaller ensemble, or any other realistically sized aggregation of instrumentation or voices.

The next competition will take place in late 2024.

2014: Tom Haines with Mystery Dog (the inaugural award)
2017: Tom Green with Badger Cam
2018: James Brady with Lush Life
2019: Billy Marrows with Lucky to be Me
2020: Tom Niblock with Berlin
2021: Charlie Bates with Celeste
2022: Luke Harney with Half and Half
2023: Ollie Canham with Old Man