Musicians’ Company Webinar

THE MUSICIANS’ COMPANY WEBINAR Wednesday 17th February 2021, 5.30pm

The New Renaissance: Building a new musical Utopia?

This webinar hopes to give some insight into the current state of play in music today, and asks how musicians at the start of their career can navigate through the labyrinth of the online world and find an effective place in a public performance landscape that may be changed forever.

A utopia or a dystopia?  No questions are off the table in this webinar.

The past year has seen an acceleration in the ability of young musicians to use online tools and recording and video platforms as showcases for their work – just one of the means by which they have to keep pace with new developments in music. Lockdown has moved this agenda to the front of our minds, but how to capitalise on it for professional musicians remains open for discussion.

This Musicians’ Company Webinar hopes to be of service to musicians, company members and to the public, reflecting its historical raison d’étre, to Preserve Harmony.

At the Webinar, hosts Leslie East and John Harle will be joined by Anthony Anderson (Naxos UK); YolanDa Brown (Award-winning saxophonist and broadcaster); Elliot Gresty (Clarinettist, Winner of The Prince’s Prize of the Musicians’ Company); Richard King (CEO Faber Music Publishing and Director, PRS); Kathryn McDowell (Managing Director, The London Symphony Orchestra); Jonathan Vaughan (Vice Principal & Director of Music, Guildhall School)

The Panel will be asked to address the following questions:

  1. In the world of music after Covid-19, what are musicians’ concerns when planning a future livelihood and how will musical institutions change?
  2. How will we help young musicians at the start of their careers?
  3. How will musicians engage with their communities in a way that benefits all?
  4. What does the new landscape mean to young professional musicians in the early stages of their career?
  5. And how can technology generate new income streams to benefit individual musicians, performing organisations, music businesses and the wider economy?

Followed by a Question and Answer session. Approx. total duration 90 minutes.

This webinar is intended to be the first of a possible series engaging with issues arising from the challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

To book your place, please email Amanda Ratcliffe at Admission is free. Joining instructions will be issued nearer the time of the event.