Jazz Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 – Steve Rubie

The Musicians’ Company has announced the award of its Jazz Lifetime Achievement Award for 2019 to STEVE RUBIE.

At a ceremony in Tallow Chandlers’ Hall on 10th July, Steve received his award, in the form of a silver medal, from the Master of the Musicians’ Company, Michael Lewin.
Flautist and saxophonist Steve Rubie runs the famous 606 Club in Chelsea. Over a period of thirty years he has developed the Club into one of the most active and significant jazz venues in the UK. The club is open seven nights a week and has been a profitable venue since 2001. Although the ‘6’ is a key jazz venue, Steve emphasises that the club hosts a wider programme of music. There is a long-standing policy of booking and promoting UK-based musicians, including an on-going relationship with the Royal Academy of Music, although there are times when musicians are from elsewhere. As well as running the club, Steve also leads the Latin-jazz band, Samara.
Steve is one of the most respected and most loved figures in jazz, enjoying huge respect and affection from a myriad of musicians. Through this award The Musicians’ Company recognises Steve Rubie’s great contribution to jazz, his support for other musicians and his enterprise and dedication.