#MiddayMusic presents Emma Arizza (violin) and Rustam Khanmurzin (piano)

This week our Young Artists Emma Arizza (violin) and Rustam Khanmurzin (piano) performed for #MiddayMusic. You can watch their videos below. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch Illiam Quane (trumpet) perform next Monday and Lewis Banks (saxophone) perform next Wednesday, both at midday.  Details of their repertoire can be found in the details section on YouTube.  All of our #MiddayMusic videos can be watched on our exclusive playlist.

Rustam Khanmurzin: Showing lockdown who’s boss

Multi award-winning pianist, Rustam Khanmurzin, is the RCM Constant & Kit Junior Lambert Fellow. After experiencing all the usual lockdown emotions, including disappointment in light of cancelled concerts and competitions, Rustam set about showing lockdown who’s boss.

“When I first found out I wouldn’t be able to do my Prince’s Prize final, concerto debut at Queen Elizabeth Hall or compete in the Jaén piano competition, I lost the motivation to keep practising, but that quickly changed. I decided to get the better of the situation and devote my time to the things I’ve always wanted to do. This led to learning half of the Well-Tempered Clavier with the aim of mastering it all!

As I miss performing so much, I also began ‘souvenir recording’, and sending funny transcriptions as well as more serious compositions to my followers, supporters and friends. In addition to the Company’s #MiddayMusic series, I also did a solo recital for an online musician fundraising event called 8 o’Clock Concerts. The aim has been to encourage viewers to sit back and enjoy music from top musicians around the world.

Another positive to come from lockdown has been the launch of a new CD with my chamber partner and genius flautist, Ekaterina Kornishina, which was released in May. Entitled Rachmaninoff: Transcriptions for Flute and Piano, it is the second album I’ve released on Melodiya label which, as part of my promotion strategy, is available on Spotify, Google Play and Apple Music.”

For Rustam’s #MiddayMusic performance he chose La valse by M. Ravel. “This piece was written at the end of WW1 and depicts the rising feeling of optimism in ruined Europe. In view of our current situation, it is a reminder that every disaster comes to an end, so we have hope.”

Visit Rustam’s website to find out more about his music, or his Company profile page.

Emma Arizza: Musical variety is the spice of life 

Variety has been the spice of lockdown life for violinist, Emma Arizza, whose busy schedule involves online teaching and concerts, violin practice, cooking and exploring London’s parks. Emma is also developing her video editing skills, and has recently started a #1minuteviolintip Instagram series where she shares tips about techniques.

“In addition to the #MiddayMusic series, during lockdown I took part in a lovely online music festival called #AndráTuttoBene”, says Emma, “created by a friend, cellist Riccardo Pes. I was lucky to be able to play with my boyfriend and perform 15 minutes of violin and piano music that was streamed worldwide. Having the chance to share music with friends and family in Italy made it extra special, and helped me feel closer to loved ones who live so far away.”

As lockdown eased in Italy, Emma was able to do a short tour of four concerts in Romagna where she performed the Bach Violin Concerto in A Minor and Bach Double Concerto, accompanied by the Young Musicians European Orchestra (YMEO).  “I also performed the Vivaldi Four Seasons with three other soloists on a huge stage in Ravenna to over 500 people. It almost had a rock concert vibe!

On the first concert of the tour I was a little nervous, but it was like riding a bike. All the musicians were really supportive and so excited to be making music together again.

My next big concert will be in my hometown, Como, for the victims of Covid 19. I’ll then be off to Imola for another concert with the YMEO, then back to the Emilia Romagna Festival where I’ll replicate the two Bach concertos and perform the Penderecki Sinfonietta no. 2 with renowned flautist Massimo Mercelli.”

Visit Emma’s profile page and website to find out more about her music.