#MiddayMusic presents Roman Kosyakov (piano) and André Nadais (percussion)

This week our Young Artists Roman Kosyakov (piano) and André Nadais (percussion) performed for #MiddayMusic. You can watch their videos below. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch Jonatan Bougt (theorbo) perform next Monday and Ben Tarlton (cello) perform next Wednesday, both at midday.  Details of their repertoire can be found in the details section on YouTube.  All of our #MiddayMusic videos can be watched on our exclusive playlist.


Roman Kosyakov the show goes on 

Music shouldn’t become a job. If it becomes a job, you’ll never be satisfied, says Musicians’ Company Silver Medal award winner, Roman Kosyakov. And [as a musician] you never get boredeven in a pandemic.” While venues have closed and concerts have been cancelled or rescheduledthe show goes on for Roman, as he works on adding to his repertoire with pieces by Rachmaninoff, Mussorgsky, Schumann and Scriabin 

Roman has also just completed his final exam for Royal Birmingham Conservatoire –  a sonata by Russian composer and pianist, Nikolai Medtnerwhich he submitted by iPad!  

For the Musicians’ Company #MiddayMusic series, Roman chose Schumann Arabesque op.18. A beautiful piece written by Schumann during one of many troubled times in his life. The small and expressive work conveys an entire range of emotionsreflecting perhaps the rollercoaster of emotions many have experienced during lockdown. Calmness and bravery to sadness – it’s all in there. Not that Roman wants you to read too much into it. “Just feel it,” says RomanCheck out the recording on the Musicians’ Company below. Find out more about Roman on his Company page.


Andre Nadais: following his own rhythm  

Finding joy in everyday life comes naturally to Musicians’ Company RNCM Silver Medal award winnerAndre Nadais. “Playing to friends and families can be more meaningful than travelling around the world to play at 4000-seat concerts,” says the percussionist, who is currently in Branca, a lesser-known Portuguese village surrounded by rivers and woodlands. A far cry from the hustle and bustle of Manchester where he is an RNCM student. 

Andre’s lifelong relationship with the natural world frequently sees him perform solo outside, although he is looking forward to playing in in orchestras and ensembles again. “I just like to take my instruments wherever there will be people and play to them,” says Andre, who has performed on sandy beaches and desert plains as well as world-class concert halls.  

Andre’s love for simpler lifestyles is also reflected in his Musicians’ Company #MiddayMusic choice – Hymning by Robert Honstein. A breathtaking, meditative solo that is sure to resonate as we rediscover our way of living and find joy in the small details of our lives. Check out the recording below.  Find out more about Andre at www.andrenadais.com.