New Elizabethan Award 2024

On July 3rd the Selection Round of the Company’s 4th New Elizabethan Award took place at the Royal Academy of Music.

The distinguished Panel comprised Graham Devine, Angela Dixon, Helen Grime MBE, Elizabeth Kenny, Ian Partridge CBE and Helen Sanderson, with Pastmaster Michael Lewin as non-voting chairman.

Of the eight performances four were by solo guitarists, one by a solo lutenist and the other three were given by ensembles comprising a duo for guitar and soprano/violin; a trio for guitar, flute and viola; and a quintet for lute, soprano, two viols and recorder/electronics.

The Panel were delighted with the remarkable variety and imagination of the candidates’ programmes and noted outstanding qualities in each performance. An article about the Selection Round will appear in the next issue of Preserve Harmony.

The Panel finally selected as Holders of the New Elizabethan Award 2024-25: Georgi Dimitrov (solo guitar) and the Londinium Consort.

The Holders of the New Elizabethan Award will share the NEA Showcase Recital at Wigmore Hall on Saturday 1st February 2025 at 1 p.m. and subsequent concerts.