The Master Musician’s Covid Cyclothon


The Master of the Musicians’ Company, John Nichols, is getting on his bike to support our Young Artists’ Programme! He is aiming to cycle as far as he can over the month of May.

He writes:

“On the morning of May 1st I will photograph my mileometer. I will do the same on the evening of May 31st. Between the two dates and photos, I will try and cycle as much as I can. I’m aiming for total of around 250-300 miles (depending on the weather….! I dissolve in rain…).”

Sponsorship can be made through the Company’s JustGiving site



You can find out more about our Young Artists’ Programme here. John writes:

“I ran the Company’s Young Artists Programme for some 5 years and I have seen for myself the enormous tangible benefits it brings to all who participate in it. I hope that the funds I raise will enable us further to consolidate and expand it”.