Amy Thompson (bassoon): The Musicians’ Company #MiddayMusic

Amy Thompson joined the Musicians' Company Young Artists' Programme after she was awarded our Constant and Kit Lambert Scholarship at the Royal College of Music in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Here she performs four movements from Telemann’s set of six Canonic Sonatas. Amy says: "I am an RCM scholar, generously supported by a Musicians’ Company Lambert Scholarship. I love orchestral playing, including with the Brandenburg Sinfonia, St Paul’s Sinfonia and London Ulysses Orchestra. Recent projects include composing music with Anna Meredith at the Museum of Science and Industry, and accompanying double bassist Leon Bosch in recital (Manchester), as well as recording bassoon quartets for Hyperion. The first sonata consists of three movements, marked Vivace, Adagio, and Allegro respectively, and I decided to complete the set by adding another Vivace movement from the third sonata. I have chosen, however, to play this moment slower than it was likely intended, both because this contrasts well with the other movements and because it feels more meditative this way. One of the things that lockdown has highlighted to me is just how much energy city living requires. Spending a couple of hours each day on public transport and being bombarded with advertisements, crowds, and noise falls in stark contrast with the peace and quiet of the immediate environment in which I find myself at the moment. I am surely not alone in this. For me, being in a simple practice room with my bassoon has always been a very relaxing space (ok, well not always, because playing a musical instrument brings its own challenges; but there’s something fulfilling about this in itself), and I feel that the extra Vivace moment is a lovely celebration of days spent ‘mooching’ around creatively at the moment!" -------------------------------------------------- Musicians' Company Profile - Amy's Facebook - -------------------------------------------------- Join our weekly #MiddayMusic e-news at #MiddayMusic is supported by funds from the Musicians' Company’s Prince’s Prize which received a generous endowment in 2015 from The Eranda Rothschild Foundation and Rothschilds Bank, in memory of Leopold de Rothschild, a Liveryman of the Musicians’ Company for over 50 years. Donate to support The Musicians' Company Young Artists -