Beatriz Vila

Beatriz Vila

Key Facts

  • Instrument: French Horn


Beatriz Vila discovered the horn at 10 years old in her home town, Palmela, in Portugal, where she began her musical studies. Since the beginning of her musical career, shehas participated in masterclasses and lessons with several renowned teachers. She was a member of Orquestra Sinfónica Juvenil for 2 years and played in Jovem Orquestra Portuguesa in 2017, 2018, and 2019 under the direction of the conductor Pedro Carneiro in several rehearsals and concerts, and traveling to Berlin, where participated in the festival Young Euro Classic in the Berlin Konzerthaus. In 2017, she played with Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa and worked with Johan de Meij. She has collaborated with JOP, integrated chamber music groups, and has experience in Classical, Wind, and Symphonic orchestras and also in chamber music. She is a fourth-year undergraduate in the RCM in Horn, where has the pleasure of being a Musicians’ Company Lambert Scholar supported by the Sir Peter & Lady Walters Soirée d’Or Award. She is currently studying with the teachers Nigel Black, Simon Rayner, Kira Doherty, and Timothy Jones.


Musicians’ Company Award: Royal College of Music Lambert Scholar

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Photo Credit: Tomás Salgueiro