Harry Somers

Harry Somers

Key Facts


Harry Somers, composer, conductor and pianist, has performed in and around Europe for audiences including the British aristocracy and Parliament.  Harry was born in rural North Yorkshire and commenced his piano studies at a young age. During secondary school, he became involved in school ensembles as both an accompanist and conductor. He also played keyboard in the school musicals and composed a score for one of the school plays.  The love of composition manifested itself during his final years at school, and since 2015 he has been studying composition at London College of Music (LCM). Harry continues to develop his skills in conducting and last year gained his Diploma in conducting.

Throughout his time at university, he’s assisted visiting professional musical directors and has developed his understanding of the art of orchestration. He has just finished assisting the work of visiting directors and musical directors in the LCM production of Fiddler on the Roof where his post was of stand-in musical director.


Musicians’ Company Award: LCM Silver Medal 2017

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