Jubilee Quartet

Jubilee Quartet

Key Facts


Tereza Privratska – Violin I
Julia Loucks – Violin II
Lorena Cantó Woltèche – Viola
Toby White – Cello

Past members: Alanna Tonetti-Tieppo, Stephanie Edmundson, Lauren Steel

Photo: Kaupo Kikkas

2018 projects include a recording of 3 Haydn quartets, performances across the Southwest of England with Concerts in the West, recital engagements at St. James Piccadilly and Thames Concerts as well as a performance featuring the works of Welsh composer Daniel Jones.

We will be appearing at King’s Place as a part of the ChamberStudio Masterclass programme throughout May.

Recent highlights include a collaboration with the Doric Quartet in Leamington, a performance for Kammermusik Basel, and a world premier recording composed by Daniel Elms, recorded at Abbey Road Studios.


Musicians’ Company Prize: Concordia 2013

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