Maurizio Reyes

Maurizio Reyes

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Maurizio Reyes was born in Bogotá (Colombia) in 1997. At the age of eight he began his piano studies in Spain at the prestigious Father Antonio Soler Integrated Music Center in San Lorenzo del Escorial (Madrid) under the tutelage of Professor F E del Campo. In 2015 he completed his studies at the center, having specialised in Piano and won the End of Year Recital award in his graduating class.

He has been privileged to have masterclasses with renowned pianists such as Miguel Baselga, Pascal Nemirovski, Anthony Byrne, Aaron Shorr, Petras Geniušas, Michael Lewin , Elena Orovio, Christian Ihle Hadland and Judy Stillman, who have deeply enriched his artistic and musical growth in the course of his professional career.

Maurizio is the recipient of numerous prizes, including the Musicians’ Company Carnwath Scholarship (UK, 2020); First Prize – Governors Recital Prize for Keyboard including the William Leslie Meikle Piano Prize (Glasgow, 2020), First Prize – Louis Carus Duo Ensemble (Glasgow, 2019), First Prize – Fothergill (Glasgow, 2019), Second Prize – Cavatina Intercollegiate Chamber Music Competition ( London, 2019) and Third Prize – International Piano Competition Little Great Pianists (Sigüenza, 2012). In 2018, he made the honors list at the Alfas del Pi Music Festival.
That same year, he debuted as a piano soloist with the Glasgow Symphony Orchestra for its Christmas Concert. Shortly afterwards, he was selected to participate in Glasgow’s Concerto Concert with the RCS Symphony Orchestra.

Maurizio also collaborates as a volunteer in social activities sponsored by organizations such as the Musicians in Action Foundation, which have enabled him to take his music to hospitals in Madrid and Glasgow. Thanks to these activities he has been able to immerse himself in the world of music therapy.

Charismatic and musically detailed, Maurizio seeks the connection between body, mind and spirit to achieve a greater projection of the message that he transmits through his music. His versatility as a professional coupled with his musical sensitivity make it possible for him to choose his repertoire with clarity.

Award: Carnwath Piano Scholarship 2020

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