Oliver Stokes

Oliver Stokes

Key Facts

  • Instrument: Piano


Ollie’s musical journey began aged five when he was introduced to playing the piano by his father. He grew up in a house constantly filled with music from the radio and CD player covering a range of genres, and it was this immersion in Classical, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Soundtrack music that led to his becoming a pianist, composer and arranger. Having graduated with a First Class Degree from the London College of Music (LCM) in Music Performance and Composition, his career currently sees him as a répétiteur for LCM’s Musical Theatre course, a piano and theory teacher in two different institutions and a live performer in both a solo and group context.

Alongside his performing and teaching work, Ollie is a prolific composer and arranger. Having learnt jazz arranging under the tutelage of Pete Cook at LCM, Ollie consistently wrote both original and arranged Big Band and Vocal group music at college. His works led him to be commissioned to co-write and supervise the music for the production ‘Santaphrenia’, a new musical released in Leicester Square during the Christmas period of 2013. His current composing work includes writing for the vocal groups at LCM and new works of Classical music and Big Band jazz.

His Twitter handle is @ollieastokes


Musicians’ Company Award: Silver Medal – LCM 2014

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