Sasha Antoine

Sasha Antoine

Key Facts


I started learning to play the piano at age 5. Since then I have gone on to broaden my knowledge of music. Music theory, other instruments, production techniques and features of music from each era and genre are the things that I have focused my time on. I listen to many different genres of music and likewise compose in many different styles. Though I focus on composition and production, I’m a Grade 7 classical pianist and a confident bass and guitar player.

Studying at The BRIT School has allowed me to gain experience in composing, producing and song-writing. I’ve had the chance to compose music for films by aspiring, talented directors. I’ve also had the chance to create pieces of music to represent/enhance a piece of art on several occasions. Having previous experience of composing from a young age, I have focused my time on production. Producing songs by artists with different styles has given me a clear understanding of what would be considered as industry standard sound and quality.


Musicians’ Company Award: BRIT School Songwriting Award 2017

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