Anna Kondrashina (flute): The Musicians’ Company #MiddayMusic

Anna Kondrashina joined the Musicians' Company Young Artists' Programme after winning our Silver Medal at the #RoyalAcademyofMusic in 2018. Here she performs an arrangement of #Debussy's violin sonata, with Pavel Timofeyevsky on piano. Anna says: "Despite the many negatives, one of the positive aspects of being in lockdown is having more time to dedicate to various endeavours that one never quite got around to back during the 'normal' times. This arrangement of the Debussy’ Violin Sonata is a result of one such lockdown project. It’s been a challenging and daunting task, adopting such a renowned string masterpiece for the flute, but it has also been a really rewarding journey for myself and Pavel and has enriched and evolved our creative partnership. I am a prizewinner of several prestigious international competitions in China and Japan. In 2018 I was awarded the Musicians' Company Silver Medal and have joined the #LondonPhilharmonicOrchestra FFF Development Programme. I took a part in the Philarmonia Orchestra MMSF Instrumental Fellowship the following year. I have been a #ConcordiaFoundation artist since 2018." -------------------------------------------------- Musicians' Company Profile - About our Silver Medals - Anna's Website - Anna's Facebook - Anna's YouTube - -------------------------------------------------- Join our weekly #MiddayMusic e-news at #MiddayMusic is supported by funds from the Musicians' Company’s Prince’s Prize which received a generous endowment in 2015 from The Eranda Rothschild Foundation and Rothschilds Bank, in memory of Leopold de Rothschild, a Liveryman of the Musicians’ Company for over 50 years. Donate to support The Musicians' Company Young Artists -