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Shaan Kambli

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Handpicked by Grammy award winning artist A.R. Rahman, Shaan Kambli (Kalmly) was selected as one of the top 24 original English pop acts across India. Since then, the singer/songwriter has appeared on the cover on Rollingstone India and has been featured exclusively on their website. In addition to his original (To Be Lonely) nearing 100,000 streams, Kalmly has also performed in collaboration with Nordoff Robbins to raise money for music therapy in the UK.
Primarily a singer, Kalmly drew vocal influence from pop counter-tenors which led to his music showcasing an unusually punchy falsetto. Growing up to the atmospheric soundscapes of Justin Timberlake, Kalmly’s influences include synth pop and contemporary future bass production. His resultant creative visions prioritise an immersive listening experience over radio-friendliness and absolute genre conformation. His current project, titled The Soundtrack Of Life, aims to celebrate the human condition and its array of different emotions.
Graduating high school in 2018, Kalmly moved to Boston to study performance at Berklee College of Music and later to London, majoring in performance and recording at the London College of Music, University of West London.


Award: Silver Medal, London College of Music, 2020

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