Biddy Baxter and John Hosier Music Trust Awards (for postgraduate study)

The Biddy Baxter and John Hosier Music Trust provides an annual financial scholarship for a student selected from nominations supplied by the UK Conservatoires and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.  Sometimes a special award is given to a runner-up.  Please contact your conservatoire for further information.

In 2003, The John Hosier Music Trust was established by his wife Biddy Baxter.  In 2016 Biddy Baxter’s generosity, together with the transferred assets from the original John Hosier trust, created a new Musicians’ Company scholarship called The Biddy Baxter and John Hosier Music Trust.

Recent winners:






  • Jaymee Coonjobeeharry (Flute) 
  • Special Prize: Charlotte Barbour-Condini (Recorder)
  • Special Prize: James Girling (Guitar)


  • Abel Selaocoe (Cello) 
  • Special Prize: Tamila Salimdjanova (Flute) 
  • Special Prize: Clara Lafuente Garcia (Oboe)