Laura Lolita Perešivana (soprano): The Musicians’ Company Young Artists’ Programme #MusicShots

Laura Lolita Perešivana (soprano) joined the Musicians' Company Young Artists' Programme after winning our Musicians’ Company Saloman Seelig Award 2021 and Prince's Prize in 2022. Here she performs with Alexsander Ribeiro de Lara (piano) the following programme:

Handel: Furie terribili, from Rinaldo

Rossini: Fragolette fortunate, from Adina

Jake Heggie: Animal Passion, from Natural Selection

Emīls Dārziņš: Kā zagšus

Emīls Dārziņš: Rezignācija

Alexander Alabiev: The Nightingale

Laura says: "Today there are many ways of dealing with emotional pain. Music is my way of handling the sometimes weird and explosive feelings I experience in everyday life - music is my therapy. As a woman I feel like I am many times silenced and asked to mask my inner intensity so that I do not offend others with my boldness. I think it should be a thing of the past and for most of the time - it is. To me it is very important to express my passions and talk about my demons. So when I chose the pieces I wanted to perform, I chose the ones where I can show the extremes of a woman's mind without her being judged for it - her reactions and responses to situations, her power and beauty, her experiencing loss, her knowing what she wants and not being scared of screaming that to the whole world. Of course even the most fierce of us do fall in love and show their vulnerable sides - nobody should live without appreciating love and the way it changes even the biggest sceptic into a believer." 

About Laura: Latvian soprano Laura Lolita Perešivana started her operatic journey at nineteen years old covering Lauretta Gianni Schicchi (Latvian National Opera). A Young Artist at the National Opera Studio, she recently graduated from Guildhall School of Music & Drama’s Opera Course. Laura won Second Prize at the Kathleen Ferrier Awards 2021, received the Extraordinary Prize at the 54th Tenor Vinas International Singing Contest, and is the recipient of Musicians’ Company Award. Recently, Laura performed with English National Opera’s Orchestra, with Opera Magazine writing ‘...her star quality combined with a sumptuous, penetrating soprano suggest she is ready for any role a big house might throw at her’.


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