Harriet Cohen Bach Prize (Royal Academy of Music)

This prize is awarded by the Royal Academy of Music and sponsored by the Musicians’ Company. The prize was endowed by Myra Verney in memory of her sister, the distinguished English pianist, RAM alumna and Company Silver Medallist Harriet Cohen. A second prize is awarded as the Harold Samuel Prize.

Students perform their own choice of keyboard works by J S Bach.

2021 Eden Agranat Meged

2020 Adam Heron

2019 Xiaowen Shang

2018 Mihály Berecz

2017 Ariel Lanyi

2016 Joanna Krauze

2015 Anna Szałucka

2014 Niklas Duckworth/Oldemeier

2013 Ke Ma

2012 Roope Grondahl

2011 Stephen Hung

2010 Karim Said

2009 Aizhana Nurkenova

2008 Jayson Gillham

2007 Elena Kiseleva

2006 Amandine Savary

2005 Elena Vorotko